Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Tips to Choose Marble and Granite

Before starting the tips and tricks to choose marble derived from metamorphosis or malihan from this lime mountain, many questions arise around marble rocks. As regards the price of marble floor materials, why marble is expensive and what distinguishes expensive marble flooring materials with cheap marble flooring materials. Initially marble material is expensive because of its scarce availability that every rare raw material always becomes the price booster itself and excavation of marble raw material is only depends on the mining results in nature, meaning we can not make this product synthetic in accordance with natural mining.

While other factors are the process of making it through the cutting of very heavy material workmanship, the selection of marble motifs that depend on the type of natural resources, uniform colors and batik marble, and finishing the end of the material.

To distinguish, expensive and cheap marble comes from the system of selection of manufacturers or manufacturers, although marble rock that we use is the result of the original production in the country, does not mean the price can be cheaper when compared with imported products, because many domestic products have high quality exceeds the marble from abroad you know, so we should be proud to be a rich nation of Indonesia mine variety that we have.

The long process of obtaining the raw material until it is ready to install has a high degree of difficulty and this is a super-heavy job. Well, let's start marble application steps on your home. Starting from the stage of choosing, there are three things to note.

First is the material content of the material must be uniform between pieces of one material with other pieces of material, usually manufacturers dare to do technical testing of the product, and uniformity of this material is the most important part of the selection of marble materials.

Secondly by paying attention to the texture, marble with natural texture is more exclusive than handmade,

Third can see the cracks caused by the process of exploration of materials, because every process of exploration of marble raw materials always leave enough marks when the texture of your marble materials of low quality.

This way is easy, you just need to see the surface appearance, for local marble options, many of which have been worthy of your floor material. In addition to cheaper prices than imported marble, locally made also tend to be more natural. Not too much exposed to human touch in terms of design.

Tips on Choosing Granite Flooring

Deciding to buy granite for floors, kitchens and even bathrooms is a big decision and may be difficult, because granite is a material that is expensive. The granite that is applied gives a modern and delicate impression. There are some things to consider before deciding to buy granite for the kitchen, westafel , floor or bathroom.First thing to emphasize is that granite is an expensive material. Make sure you can get the same pattern and color to cover the entire room you want to install. Granite prices can reach hundreds of thousands and even millions per slab, depending on the type and country of origin of the granite. If you have room 100 square meters and the room is a bit complicated, it will be more difficult for the store to match with other parts. A more uniform pattern will be cheaper and easier to install.

Both granite uniformity available is rather difficult to obtain, since granite is created not all the same. Besides, Maybe you can not get enough of one slab of granite to cover the whole space. Note also of the colors and patterns of granite. Because natural stones are available in limited colors and patterns, this can affect whether you decide to become granite or other materials for your room.

The third thing you should know is that the measurement, cutting, grinding and polishing of granite should be left to the experts. If you choose the services of a granite handyman, this will be fatal. After the granite is cut into pieces, if something goes wrong you will incur huge cost, therefore you must measure carefully. Let the professional take the measurements for you and do all the work unless you have done this before and are sure you know what you are doing.

The four granites need to be discoated before you can put food and other items on it, because the stone is porous and will easily get stained. It needs to be disqualified about once a year to help preserve endurance.

How? You are interested to make granite as a room decorator?

How To Choose Great Marble

 Marble is one type of flooring material that is widely used in various countries one of them in Indonesia. Many people love this floor even though there is now a kind of modern floor that is quite instant vinyl.

There are people who reasoned to use marble because of its durability is very strong for tens of years. Not to mention the natural and luxurious impression caused when marble is applied to a room. Although the price of marble per meter is quite expensive when compared with other types of floors but still did not dampen the interest of the lover.

Currently you can easily buy marble in various building stores in Indonesia, ranging from local to import types. Whatever the type, one thing you need to consider is to choose a marble that has good quality. If you have not experienced choosing marble you can refer to the references below on how to choose quality marble at the same time know the price of marble per meter.


The first way is to pay attention to the texture. Did you know that marble is made from sediment of land for tens or even hundreds of years? So each marble has a different texture, but still natural marble is more prominent and clear texture than handmade marble. You can compare one marble with another to be able to get marble with natural texture.

The price of a truly natural marble per meter is usually more expensive because of its finer texture. While hand made marble more rough so easy to crack and damaged. So do not just tempted by the price of cheap marble per meter yes!

The second way is to pay attention to the minerals. Marble usually has some content such as lime, iron and minerals. One of the qualities of marble quality is that it has the three content in a balanced amount.

The balanced content of the marble will make the marble more solid so that marble is getting stronger. But many consumers who do not know about this, usually they only prioritize the pattern or motive only.

It is important to ask the seller, if necessary, ask for some marble samples based on their quality level. This is considering the price of marble per meter is quite expensive, so you must be smart to choose not to regret after.

The third way is to look at the pattern or motive. If marble is really original from natural rocks then you will be hard to find a uniform motif in one type. Of course there is little difference between one marble with another marble.

This is not a problem, because this is where the uniqueness of using the most important marble You still choose a similar motif with the same fibers and the same color. Generally a widely used type is marble in yellow, brownish cream. The color is able to give a very natural and luxurious impression in a room.


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