Saturday, October 28, 2017

Various Types of Natural Stone You Must Know

Earth is rich with various materials and minerals in it. One of them is the existence of natural stone. Natural stone consists of many types, characteristics, appearance and density and even the color because of the differences in the minerals contained therein and the different processes formed which can be formed by rivers, tectonic mountains, volcanoes and others. Well on this occasion, we will introduce to you all ten types of natural materials and their uses, along with its exposure.

Popular Natural Stone Types And Their Usability

The result of our team investigation in the field for several years that there are 10 types of natural stone popular among the exterior and interior architecture to beautify the building both indoor and outdoor. Consider our brief explanation below

Granite stone

This magmatic rock is formed because of the cooling of magma that is deep in the earth's crust. Some of them also come from metamorphic formed by the transformation of magmatic stones with high pressure as in the development of the mountains. This stone is very popular to beautify the building especially the house. Not only adds natural impression but also artistic.

Marble stone

This rock is formed from metamorphic and sedimentary rocks, composed of particles called calcite or calciferous. Marble is easy to find and easy to do for the building industry both stairs, floors, fireplaces and more. The colors also vary.


These sedimentary rocks are formed due to accumulation as well as rock fragments or fossil compression such as calcium and quartz. The texture is soft and easy to use. Can be applied for indoor or outdoor. Can be made for sculpture, flooring and others.


Slate is formed from various types of clay. This stone structure is layered. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor area or also as wall covering.

Andesite stone

This stone can be found in various areas that have volcanic activity. There are two types of spots and plain. This stone style is also beautiful and diverse. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration.

Stone slate

In the market, this stone is referred to as stone times. The slate is very strong. Suitable for building foundation. This stone can be split up into thin slabs that can be used for wall or floor coatings.

Stone temple

This stone is formed from lava that has been frozen. This stone is very solid, porous and dark in color. Can be used for indoor or outdoor.

Soft rock

This rock has a low density. Also called natural stone palimaman. The colors vary. This stone is easy to carve. Can for sculpture, indoor and outdoor decoration of the building.


Corals or also called stone pebbles are easily found in the market. There are many uses of this stone from start to building construction and others. Bat coral which can be made as natural stone decoration is black stone which measuring 2-5 cm with round and oval shape.

Basalt rock

This magmatic rock is formed by the process of cooling the liquid magma that exists on the surface of the earth. Rapid cooling makes minerals in the rock crystallize. The texture is smooth, not porous, hard and also durable. Suitable for flooring, wall and more.


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