Tuesday, November 14, 2017

natural stone mosaic for office

OK So the new office is done, well except for the deck, skirting, a few pictures on the wall and bookshelves. Inside, the wood stove is in, surrounded by natural stone mosaic left over from new home construction site (free), however setting materials about 50.00. The stove itself before clean up, sanding rust, new paint, etc. was a planter, also free. The paneling is a truck load of cedar fencing "rejects" that I culled for best boards. From the local mill I traded for 3 bags of chicken feed (thanks Linda) for that cedar paneling. The desk tops I made with left over materials except the laminate tops and the chains (30.00) that I used to allow adjustment of different angle depending on the work or hobby I'm involved in. The carpet is new remnant (70.00). Cost of materials to complete inside roughly 200.00. My labor, priceless.

The deer outside the window FREE.

There is still a loft to be built within but winter is upon us and decided spring will be a good time to post an update.


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