Tuesday, November 7, 2017

so cool natural stone countertop

Sharing pictures from Tiny House Expo this weekend at the Howard County fairgrounds.

Some observations, take aways:

First, let me say, this was a lot of fun.

The exhibitors consisted of builders and owners.
One owner I talked to, has his tiny home in the Monkton, MD area, and moves it to Key West, Florida during the winter months. He's an electrician, so his skill set allows him to be mobile.

I don't think the expo folks anticipated this level of demand, but with most homes averaging just under 300 square feet, once inside, the lines moved reasonably well. I think a builder told me that you can go up to about 700 sq feet, and it will still fit on a standard-size trailer that will allow you to pick up your tiny home and move it.

The mindset to live in a home like this is the biggest thing one needs to subscribe to, and accommodate to this lifestyle, I think. Minimalist. Small carbon footprint. Low debt ceiling. Etc. I could do this. I THINK.

The interior of this home was one of two favorites I saw:
It has a light-filled interior (painted white throughout) lots of windows (natural light), a step-up loft, full-size features in the kitchen, including refrigerator and a deep, farmhouse-style sink in stainless steel. Quality finishes including, hardwood floors and a honed, low maintenance, natural stone countertop. I'd want a different exterior (this design is kinda tall and "boxy") and solar panel energy, in case I'd want to move it. This house also has two sleeping areas, and I guess if you add a sofa bed, that's three.

Just because the house is tiny by traditional standards, the appliances and furnishings don't have to be. It seems counter-intuitive, but the more seamless and functional the furnishings, the less doll-house like a home like this feels. This home also has a a legit shower. I think showers are sacred, so that would be one of my requirements.

There are trade offs, so you have to be clear about what you value in a space like this.


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